TUNEDEX MEMORIES ran for a full 9 years, broadcasting 24/7 from 2008 until the end of 2016. My station always paid licensing fees, first with LoudCity and then with StreamLicensing. Costs rose dramatically in 2015 and in order to pay the increased rates, the required player was redesigned to accommodate video so commercials could be played. Stations have NO control over content or quantity and our rates would continue as before, which increased at the time of the StreamLicensing takeover.  I never wanted to "beg for money" so I paid these costs primarily out of my own money. The past year, I opened an eBay store to sell CDs to help offset the cost. Due to the uncertainty of rate increases and my personal disdain for commercials, I closed the station down. I intend, however, to continue to share those special songs that most people never got to hear or never made it to radio "back in the day". Of course, I call these songs you should have heard! I have modified my website to focus on my eBay store as I attempt to recoup the thousands of dollars I invested in the station. I want to thank Frank Kramer, the late Steve Petryszyn, and Kenny Schreiber for all their help.  And of course, thank you to all my loyal listeners for tuning in, and while I do not foresee reinstating the station, I hope you enjoy coming back here to my website to discover more of those special tunes I shared with you on air...

Chuck Benjamin

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